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A full day Private Speed boat Excursion

Koh Samui’s premiere option for a full day of adventure on the Gulf of Thailand. Dolphin spotting, explore serene beaches on isolated islands with endless marine activities to enjoy on your private luxury speedboat.

- Star with The 5 ISLANDS

You will start your full day dolphin spotting excursion from the Phangka Bay Beachfront and head directly to the beautiful Five Islands view point for some terrific photo opportunities and sight seeing.

- Dolphin Spotting at KHANOM

After the Five Islands you will arrive at Khanom and enjoy some Dolphin spotting while taking in the sites from aboard your own private speedboat.

- KOH MADSUM Kayaking

From Khanom you will cruise to Koh Madsum where you will be able to enjoy kayaking and other leisurely beach activities on this small beautiful island. Jet skis are also available here for an extra fee.

- Coral Reef snorkeling

From Koh Madsum you’ll take your private speedboat to nearby Koh Tan and stop on the way so you may do some snorkeling on the coral reef and enjoy the many types of tropical fish & colorful sea life that inhabits it.

- Relax on KOH TAN

Once you have completed your snorkeling adventure, you’ll be taken to the beach of Koh Tan where you can relax and take as much time as you need to eat your authentic Thai meal.

- Authnetic Thai Meal

The authentic Thai food on Koh Tan is always fresh and delicious. Take your time to enjoy eating, talk about your day, and take some photos around the beach.

- Fishing & relaxing

After Koh Tan, you will finish your day relaxing on your private speedboat where you have the opportunity to do some fishing, enjoy some cool drinks, and simply relax on the Gulf of Thailand.



Two 4 Hours Cruises available daily
Morning Cruise: 10:00AM – 2:00PM
Sunset Cruise: 2:30PM – 6:30PM

Enjoy your own private speedboat to take in the sights at your own pace! This excursion is all about experiencing the beautiful islands in the southwestern Gulf of Thailand at a very relaxed pace.

- Star with 5 Islands

You will start your half-day Koh Samui island hopping from the Phangka Bay Beachfront and go directly to the awe inspiring Five Islands for some great photo opportunies and sight seeing.

- Cora Reef Snorkeling

Following the 5 Islands you’ll take a slow cruise past the Conrad Koh Samui Resort and Spa until your private speedboat arrives at a coral reef snorkeling point near Koh Tan. Here you have the option to feed the fish, snorkel, catch a fish or just relax on the boat with some music and a cool beverage.

- Authentic Thai meal ON KOH TAN

After snorkeling you will arrive at Koh Tan for a delicious traditional Thai style meal and some fun beach activities.

- Relax on KOH MADSUM

After your delicious meal and beach combing on Koh Tan you’ll hop over to Koh Madsum. A tiny little island gem with a stunning beachfront, great for shallow water sunbathing and kayaking.


Sunset cruise available Daily
2:30PM – 6:30PM

Enjoy the surrounding Islands of Koh Samui at a relaxing pace in your own private speedboat, and finish your evening with a beautiful sunset.

- Star with 5 Islands

You will start your afternoon adventure from the Phangka Bay Beachfront and proceed directly to the beautiful Five Islands.

- Snorkeling at Coral Reef

Your private speedboat continues on to a coral reef near Koh Tan with you have the choices to feed the tropical fish, swim, snorkel, try you luck at fishing or simply relax on the boat with some music and a refreshing beverage.

- Delicious Meal on KOH TAN

From the coral reed you will continue on to Koh Tan for a delicious authentic Thai meal and beach fun.

- Relax & Kayaking KOH MADSUM

From Koh Tan you’ll hop over to Koh Madsum. A small island treasure with a gorgeous beachfront, perfect for shallow water sunbathing and sea kayaking.

- Finish with a Five Island Sunset

From Koh Madsum you will leave in time to arrive at a famous view point to enjoy the most beautiful Samui Sunset over the Five Islands. A perfect finish to a perfect day.


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