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The Balearics Itinerary Details

The Balearics


This collection of islands off the eastern coast of Spain has long been considered one of the most idyllic spots in the Western Mediterranean and a haven for luxury yachting. Between quiet, undeveloped Formentera, and international party destination Ibiza, these gorgeous isles offer something for every mood, whether you want to swim, dive, and hike, or explore historic ruins and relax on a beautiful beach.

  • DAY 1Port Vendres - Ciudadela, Menorca

Embark on your Balearics luxury yacht charter in Port Vendres and cruise to Ciudadela, Menorca.

Menorca, the ‘jewel of the Balearics’ has retained much of its virgin landscape and traditional Spanish heritage and is more suited to laid back, nature-loving trips. Menorca is blessed with a stunningly beautiful coastline boasting more beaches than all the other Balearic Islands put together and is consequently a veritable Eden for sun worshippers and water sports enthusiasts. Menorca is most famous for its enticing coastal charms but it is also home to several other diverse natural habitats. All of these ecosystems harbour rich collections of flora and fauna, including a number that are specific to the island.

In Ciutadella, peer into 19th century buildings carved from magnificent rose-colored sandstone. In the morning, visit the Pastisseria des Centre, which has sold flaky Balearic powdered sugar pastries called ensaimadas since 1881. Try the homemade almond ice cream at Sa Gelateria de Menorca, and visit one of the ubiquitous sandal shops.

  • DAY 2Mahon, Menorca

Embark on an evening cruise to Mahon, Menorca.

Visit Mahon, the capital, to make your island tour complete. Wander the streets and admire the Art Nouveau architecture around the cathedral and the magnificent views of the port. The enormous port has drawn visitors and traders for centuries. As a result, Mahon feels more open to the world than Ciutadella Historically, Menorca is one of the richest islands in the Mediterranean and is often referred to as an ‘open air museum’. It is permeated with archaic ruins, old
fortresses and ancient churches, all of which mark various periods in the island’s tumultuous history.

  • DAY 3Mahon, Menorca - Andraitx, Majorca

From Mahon, Menorca, spend the evening cruising onwards to Andraitx, Majorca.

Situated off the eastern coast of Spain to the south of Barcelona and east of Valencia, Majorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. Majorca is mainly loved for its sublime weather and beautiful beaches, with more than 200 to choose from.

The dramatic coastline of Majorca presents a myriad of choices of beaches, while the mountains offer an altogether different holiday experience in picturesque hilltop villages amid lush landscapes; the mountain villages of Valldemossa, Deia and Soller have outstanding settings and lots of character.

There’s a Cappuccino outlet in the middle of Port d’Andratx (Avenida Mateo Bosch, 31; 34-971-672- 214), and it’s situated perfectly for watching the fishing boats come in. Have a coffee before you visit the fish market here, which is a particularly satisfying one, with a vast array of often unidentifiable local sea critters. Leisure activities – including scuba diving, snorkelling, sailing and other water sports, as well as golf, horseback riding, go-carting, hiking and cycling among many others – are numerous and can be enjoyed all around the island.

  • DAY 4Andraitx, Majorca - Palma, Majorca

Spend the evening on your fourth day cruising to Palma, Majorca.

Majorca’s biggest city is the cultural and historical capital of the Balearic Islands and attracts a huge number of visitors to its wonderful array of buildings, bustling nightlife and popular nearby beach resorts. With a lovely harbour, beautiful skyline, interesting museums and galleries and well-ordered streets, the city is easy to tour on foot. Palma has a very special ambience and the main sights are all grouped together at the heart of the city near the picturesque harbour. La Seu, the great Gothic cathedral and l’Almudaina Palace stand opposite each other and are the main tourist highlights, also nearby is Banys Arabs - the 10th century Arab baths, with their huge columns, intricate dome and lovely gardens and the Llotja exchange. Palma is also much revered for its wonderful ambiance, quality shops and arcades, and amazing nightlife that never seems to sleep.

  • DAY 5Palma, Majorca - Formentera Island

From Palma, Majorca take an evening cruise to the island of Formentera.

Formentera is the smallest of the Balearic Islands, is located just off the coast of Ibiza and boasts a length of only 12 miles from tip to tip. It is often referred to as the ‘last paradise of the Mediterranean’ due to its lack of urban development and limit on the number of resorts that are allowed to be built.

Visitors to Formentera are attracted by its breathtaking natural beauty and laid back, easy going atmosphere, a complete contrast to the crowds and commercialism of neighbouring Ibiza. The island is dominated by stunning beaches of pure white sand that lead down to the clear turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Many beaches are deserted and it is possible to spend a whole day lazing on a beach and never lay eyes on another soul.

Formentera is an excellent dive location, partly due to the fact that infrastructure development has been kept to a minimum resulting in little pollution, but also because the island is blessed with exquisite reefs, aquatic life, clear waters and underwater caves.

  • DAY 6Formentera - Ibiza

Spend the evening cruising to Ibiza.

Ibiza’s beautiful coastline is primarily what attracts most visitors, and with over 80 beaches to choose from it’s not difficult to find one that can meet all your requirements. Popular beaches include Cala Bassa in San Antonio; Playa d’en Bossa in Ibiza; Cala s’Arenal Petit in Portinax; Cala Benirras in San Miguel and Cala Jondal in San Jose; as well as the quieter beaches of Cala Carb in San Jose and Cala Xucia in Portinax. Water sports are hugely popular along Ibiza’s shores.

  • DAY 7Ibiza

Spend the day and night in Ibiza.

Away from the bars and celebrated nightlife are the woods, coastal walking trails and quiet (if not deserted) beaches such as Santa Eulària d’es Riu and the small resorts and coves of the northeast are ideal for family holidays. Other fascinating sites are the Cora de Can Marca – the underground caverns; D’Alt Villa – an old walled town and UNESCO world heritage site; and Neccropolis del Puig des Molins an ancient burial ground.

Other popular attractions are the old walled city of Ibiza Town, with its impressive cathedral and maze of narrow streets; the beach of Cala Llonga, where you
can relax on its beautiful white sandy bay overlooked by steep pine-clad hills, the second largest town of San Antonio, as well as the rustic markets of Punta
Arabi and Las Dalias. Also worth a look are the towns of San Jose, whitewashed Santa Eulalia, and the salt flats of Las Salinas.

  • DAY 8Ibiza - Dragonera Island

Spend your eighth evening cruising from Ibiza to Dragonera Island.

Sa Dragonera island was proclaimed Natural Park on January 26, 1995. It became a model of the defence of nature in Mallorca, after 20 years of popular claims and fight against its development carried out by ecologist groups leaded by GOB.

It is 2,88 hectares big and it is 3700 metres long. Its highest hill is Far Vell hill (353 m). On the west coast there are spectacular cliffs that can be up to 300m high. The eastern part goes down smoothly towards coves and Cala Lledó natural port, where information on Sa Dragonera is displayed in the visitor´s centre. Seabirds, birds of prey and migratory birds are the most characteristic wildlife in Sa Dragonera. Small reptiles like an endemic lizard subspecies and the common lizard as well.

Throughout history there has been human activity in Sa Dragonera, basically due to its resources, and quite conditioned by saracen pirate raids, who used the island as a platform to attack the mallorcan coasts. Llebeig tower, built in 1585 to avoid boats entry in Llebeig beach, is a vestige of that time.

  • DAY 9Dragonera Island - Port Vendres

From Dragonera Island you will take an overnight cruise back to Port Vendres.

  • DAY 10Port Vendres

Disembark at Port Vendres.


The Balearics Itinerary Details

7 Days Exploring The Balearics


Highly sought after throughout the year, the Balearic Islands offer a multitude of golden, sandy beaches, stunning views and vacations to be remembered for years to come. Cruising through the islands on your chosen luxury charter yacht you can get up close and personal to some of the best sights in the area from the privacy of your own piece of luxury. Starting off from Palma, this 7 day itinerary covers every aspect of Spanish life and ensures that you experience the very best of the culture.

  • DAY 1Isla de Cabrera

Your luxury charter yacht tour of the Balearics begins on the uninhabited islet of Isla de Cabrera. Located off the southern coast of Majorca, this island offers a flavour of Spain's past as well as an impressive introduction to the natural beauty surrounding the Balearic Islands.

  1. arrival, your first port of call will be Cabrera Castle. Erected in the 14th century, this castle dominates the mountainous region of the islet and provides some staggering panoramic views of the surrounding area. Take a picnic up with you to make the most of the views before heading into the national park. Take a walk through some of the marked trails to enjoy the natural flora and fauna of the terrain and then make your descent back to the harbour for an evening of delicious tapas and a cooling dip in the ocean.
  • DAY 2Ibiza

After the gentle introduction to the Spanish way of life in the past, Ibiza brings you back to the modern day and its world famous party scene. As the third largest island in the Balearics, this destination has everything you could possibly need for an exciting holiday, or a memorable stop on a luxury charter yacht.

Start the day by hitting up the the high end boutiques and shopping squares to build up some more outfits for your trip. With names you are familiar with, as well as locally run businesses, you won't find it difficult to find some extravagant purchases in between natural pauses at the too good to resist cafes lining the streets.

After your shopping trip, take some time to explore the harbour. Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the harbour of Ibiza Town shows some typically Spanish architecture as well as a unique vantage point of the old town. Ideal for holiday photographs, the old town makes an interesting afternoon and shows some nods to the history of this famous island.

As the sun goes down your day on Ibiza truly begins. The legendary nightlife hasn't gained a reputation for nothing, so try out a handful of venues to get a taste of everything that's on offer. Regular parties are held on the beaches, in addition to special themed nights in the clubs. If you prefer a quieter evening, there are some more timid venues with good food, and table to table musical entertainment.

  • DAY 3Formentera

For a chilled out day after the excitement of the night before, Formentera has the cure for every hangover and need for a break. Just a short distance away from it's noisy neighbour, Formentera is also a popular destination in the Balearics for a more toned down kind of holiday. With miles and miles of luscious sandy beaches, you can enjoy a peaceful morning soaking up the warm Spanish rays. For a beach with sublime beauty, head to the Trucadors Beach, for white sands and turquoise waters on either side of the sands.

  1. some beachcombing and a dip or two in the water, there isn't a huge amount of exploring to do on the island but there are a small selection of Martello towers to see. These small coastal forts would have once held up to 25 men and a piece of artillery. Still mostly intact, these are a small historic site to see but just enough to indulge your cultural curiosity.

Spend the rest of your day on the waves with your jet skis or enjoy some quiet time on the decking with some Spanish cuisine and locally produced wine.

  • DAY 4Andratx

As a municipality of Majorca, Andratx is nestled in to the south eastern corner of the main island and features some of the most staggering scenery that Majorca has to offer. With the main towns built into valleys, there are some close knit communities to see which give you a true insight into the way the Spanish live on the islands.

Enjoy some freshly prepared lunch in one of the local cafes before heading up towards the northern region of Andratx. Moving north of the settlements you will find a lot less people and a lot more mountains. Ideal with a guide, you can see various towns across the islands and you may even be able to see some of the observation towers which were built in the 1600s. A total of 12 still stand out of the 14 towers erected in the area, to watch out for pirates and other invading parties.

Finish off the day as you please and get back to the yacht in time to enjoy a spectacular sunset from your own private viewing platform.

  • DAY 5Puerto Soller

Sticking to the stunning coastline of Majorca, your next stop is the quaint and pretty Puerto Soller. Sat in a quiet northern corner of the island, this destination is much quieter than nearby towns and offers peace, serenity and sights not to be missed.

When anchoring down in the harbour it isn't hard to spot your first visit. Guarded by a lighthouse, the port is welcoming and beckons you to explore. Hop over to the lighthouse to climb to the top and see some pretty views of the harbour and the town of Soller. After descending the tower you can indulge in some freshly prepared tapas and Spanish cuisine at one of the many local cafes lining the harbour.

Moving away from the harbour, Soller boasts the impressive claim that it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage family. The surrounding area is laden with ancient olive trees as well as fruitful orange groves and a flourishing river. If you love birds or ducks this particular water feature will peak your interest as you can expect to see greylag geese, mallard ducks, muscovy ducks and many other varying breeds.

  • DAY 6Puerto Pollensa

Still cruising around the coast of Majorca on your luxury charter yacht, the next stop is Puerto Pollensa. Relatively close by to Puerto Soller, this small town is another quiet but charming location which indulges visitors in the Spanish way of life.

Disembarking at the harbour, take in the sights by walking along the Pine Walk. This is the most popular walk in the area, which shows off pretty sights of the surrounding coastline and ends up at an old military base which is now home to several fire fighting vehicles. Returning to the more central area of the town you can try out some traditional cuisine and visit the weekly market to buy some cultural goods including fresh produce, crafts and clothing. If religious monuments are of interest to you, the Church Of Our Lady Of Carmen is located nearby and is open to all visitors.

To finish off your day, return to your luxury charter yacht for some water sports of your choosing and a relaxing evening watching the sunset over a glass of wine.

  • DAY 7Palma

On your last day of your luxury yacht charter vacation in the Balearics, you return to where you started at Palma. Before starting your return journey home, make the most of this bustling location by seeing some of the cultural sights you won't see anywhere else.

Start off with a quick visit to La Seu. A vast cathedral which was actually built over a mosque, this building took over 350 years to complete and is definitely not to be missed. Moving around behind the cathedral you can visit the old town which displays an array of different styles of architecture with some generous nods to an Arab background.

Another stop to make before leaving the city is the 11th century Arab Baths. As one of the more popular sites in the city, the heavy traffic has taken its toll on the monument, leaving some areas a little worse for wear. However, the location is also home to some splendid gardens which are home to many local flora and fauna as well as birds and palm trees.

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